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When the summer season arrives I always remember and, if I have the chance, I do a rewatch of Jaws, this jewel from the master Spielberg.

I'm not sure if there is a creature in nature to wich the film studios have dedicated as many movies as the shark.

I think that the public's fascination with this type of movies is basically due to not only the panic that a predator of this kind can cause but also some kind of atavistic fear of the sea, the great mass of water that we still do not know and that although it is a wonder itself can bring titanic horrors to our imagination.

At his time, Jaws change our point of view about these animals and presented them as the cruel unstoppable killers, and the man as an useless and helpless piece of meat in a medium that is not our own and still insist on doing it our, spoliating it, messing it up and minimizing it.

I have to say that in my interior I have always been with the shark. :)

This illustration is a little  tribute to all the shark movies.

Megalodoom. A shark movies tribute.

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Four colors on black.

Megalodoom, four colors on black