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Panic at the 3D drive-in cinema.

I think the work is over. Was sended to Threadles for "Your 10K favorite tee" design challenge.

Every time I find it more difficult to finish a drawing, whenever I can get more failures and better headaches. The end of my sad career is near. :)

Still W.I.P.ing

This needs some touches.
I think this will be finished....at some point between now and next year

I'm W.I.P.ing

Panic at the 3D drive-in cinema

Working, working, working... but never end.

Algunas chorradas. (some silly things)

 Some unfinished ideas... probably out of boredom.

Merry... go round.

In Your Face!!

Project Strawberryfield.


This is my last work for tees.

Has you experienced that strange feeling the first time you dive, when you try to breathe through the regulator and fell you can't fill the lungs?This is my interpretation of that feeling.

A lone astronaut there on the lonely space when something weird is stalking.

JCMaziu Anxiety

Strip Poker.

This is my last entry on Woot's derby for the Antropomorphic food topic:

Hope you like it! :)

Enterprise evolution, from today to the future.

This is my last job.
I still looking for a good style and themes for future works.

Feng Zhu Design shows you the bases for the concept movie design.

Amazing videos you can see on the website of Feng Zhu if you are interested in the design and conceptual illustration.
Some of the techniques used are really clever and get spectacular results.
This is one of my faves:

You can see all his video tutorials at:

It's worth to take a look.

Naolito, from POP to the top :)

Here you have the work of an amazing spanish artist dedicated to tee design.

Although he can work about many concepts, he likes specially the culture pop themes which provided some really creative and funny ideas.
I find really impressive the way he work with a limited palette of colors getting greats effects.

Anita Mejía. Who says cute can't be dark?

Looking the net for ideas to renew my style, I found the blog of this mexican ilustrator.
 She have a really great style to give a dark atmosphere to this cute characters.

Asus eee slate EP121... puede este cacharrito sustituir a una Cintiq?

Estoy valorando la posibilidad de adquirir uno de estos trastos para usarlo a modo de tabla gráfica (ademas de los usos comunes que se le supone a un cacharro de estos):
El aparato en cuestion tiene unas especificaciones mas de portatil decentito que de tablet al uso. Naturalmente el precio es bastante castigador pero la idea de tener algo parecido a una Cintiq pero con mucha mas movilidad me parece altamente atractiva.

Aqui teneis las especificaciones del cacharrito y un par de videos de comparativa con la Cintic 21ux:

A ver esas opiniones.


I am considering the possibility of purchasing the Asus Eee Slate EP121.

The device in question has a decent notebook specifications rather than a tipical tablet. Of course the price is quite punishing, but the idea of ​​having something like a Cintiq but with much more mobility seems highly attractive.

Any comment about?

Silouette painting.

This one seems to be my first decent try on silouette painting... i think :)

Imaginary royal wedding.

Instead of doing something useful to take me to earn some cash, here you have a color test over an idea for the Woot derby that i didn't materialize.