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Killer Bees on Mars.

So long since my last post but now i have finished my last job... at last.

One of the topics that I like to draw about is undoubtedly the sci-fi theme and even more if I mix it with some nightmare and of course I love to put astronauts in delicate situations.

JCMaziu Anxiety, scifi horror astronaut

Now we have a brave space explorer pursued by a bunch of martianized killer bees. The kind of situation I would love to see in a B movie.

JCMaziu Killer Bees on Mars

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The joy of the ghost: a "Ghost in the shell" inspired job.

In September 1993, Rolling Stone magazine published, under the headline "The joy of sex", a popular cover starring Janet Jackson and two mysterious hands that had a great impact and has been hugely parodied.

After a while away from this work here you have "The joy of the ghost", my latest work inspired by "Ghost in the shell" in a parody of this popular cover.

Ghost in the shell parody

Motoko Kusanagi the joy of ghost

Welcome to the jungle.

Maybe you're a fan of "The walking dead" whether in the TV series or comics. 

Maybe you've thought or imagined Michonne like a Predator?

Well, at least I did :)

Here you have a Predator hunter with two slave aliens. Illustration digital done with an awesome Wacom Cintid 13HD

This design and the neon version is available on Redbubble as posters, tshirts and more stuff.

Welcome to the jungle. Alien vs Predator fanart.

Welcome to the jungle. Alien vs Predator fanart. Only ink.Welcome to the jungle. Alien vs Predator fanart. Neon version.


Surely you know Cuphead, a fantastic vintage looking video game with a really hard gameplay and awesome animations.

You suffer to the death to win all the bosses in the game but it worth to help Cuphead and Mugman to get his souls back.

Cuphead: Cup-Aid

Cup-Aid tshirt.

Here you a have the main character of the game in a parody inspired by the Kool-Aid Man, the mascot of the famous drink Kool Aid who have a weird habit of going through walls.

the Kool-Aid man doing what he better knows.

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It's only coffee...

Back to the end after a time away from the pencils. 
Warming fingers with an attempt of typographic design.

For coffee lovers.

It's only coffee typographic design.

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That's all mutants!

This is a Looney version of Bebop, one of the enemies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

A mashup with one of the most popular Lonney Tunes character: Porky pig in a parody of the classic ending of the cartoons.

Porky pig as Bebop in this looney parody.

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The Big Lebowski inspired design "Nobody fucks with da Jesus"

Inspired by "Jesus Quintana" one of the funniest character from "The Big Lebowski"

Da Jesus

Some "Rick and Morty" inspired designs.

"Rick and Morty" has just started the third season.

If you didn't see this show before the only thing I can say is: "what the heck are you thinking on?"

A funny show full of references that nerds, geeks, scifi lovers and all kind of cinical pranksters will love.

Here I have a couple of designs inspired by some episodes of the show.

These designs are available as t-shirt and other awesome stuff at:

Rick and Morty: Dont give a fuck


Rick and Morty: Peace among worlds


Classic vintage style for a Optimus Prime (Transformers) parody.

Design available as tshirt and other awesome stuf at:

Transformers: Optimus Oil

Transformers: Optimus Oil tshirt mockup

FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE: a little tribute to "Big trouble in little china"

A little tribute to one of the mythical B movies of the eighties, an awesome combination of comedy, martial arts and fantasy from the creative John Carpenter.

Here you have Lo Pan the leader of the Wing Kong, an evil sorcerer searching the eternal life, interpreted by the actor James Hong.

You didnt watch this movie yet?... What the hell are you waiting?

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Lo Pan From Beyond The Grave