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Darthskull Castle. A Masters of the universe and Star Wars mashup parody.

It is normal sometimes, when you are looking for topics for an illustration with elements of popular culture, your head  goes literally crazy.
This may be one of those cases.

Parodies of the Star Wars universe there are many. Also about Masters of the Universe. And of course there are lots of mashups with both.
But I have not found any mix with one of the most important elements of the world of Eternia: Castle Grayskull. Did anyone think on Grayskull?

At the end is the leitmotiv of the series. The Skelletor's obsession to conquer this castle and the power it offers.
Far from seeking parallels between the two issues, the intention here is rather reinterpret in a mix of elements.
So I can't find a better He-man in this case that Mr. Skywalker and his faithful droid as Orco (the strange magic elf) to give consistency to which I have chosen as the main element of the parody.
Yes, the castle.