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Catch the light.

The rework of "The Divers" will be on another way but I didn't want to miss this pair of abyssal "bicharracos".A little conceptual design for a change of scenery.

Nameless project. Lines updated.

Some lines added... well, maybe there are many lines added. Whatever.
Who could suggest a name for this?

A new project. First steps in animated gif.

Here we go.

You can see the pencil sketches... they looks eeeeer nice?... (The girl sketch sucks a little, I know)
Refine lines in my Wacom tablet and change some faces...errr... lines.
The final lines in the next entry... and... the color step... the HORROR step!!!

Buscando otro estilo.

Semana de bocetajos y pintarrajos buscando otro estilo.
Algo mas alegre tal vez.