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Proud to be bald.

My entry for Shirt Woot's derby #283: Slogans for Animal, is a recycled, both in idea and developing, of one of the discarded work I have on my hard drive.

The intention is to create a logo with the idea using mixing expressions of both characters and making it look vector.

The monster under my bed

It's a primal fear when you're child: the monster lurking under your bed.


My entry for Shirt Woot's derby #281: Things That Start With the Letter N.

A mashup with natural steampunk nautilus and the ship imagined by Verne.

The Treasure.

This is something I've been working on in the little spare time that my painful new job leaves me.

Even that first I decided to do it the traditional way, a little problem with my drawing material made ​​me reconsider the idea.