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Sweeney the Pooh. The demon bear-ber of Hundred Acres Wood.

A little joke on a pun with the name of two totally different characters: Sweeney Todd, the bloody barber and the cute teddy bear Winnie the Pooh.

Darthskull Castle. A Masters of the universe and Star Wars mashup parody.

It is normal sometimes, when you are looking for topics for an illustration with elements of popular culture, your head  goes literally crazy.
This may be one of those cases.

Parodies of the Star Wars universe there are many. Also about Masters of the Universe. And of course there are lots of mashups with both.
But I have not found any mix with one of the most important elements of the world of Eternia: Castle Grayskull. Did anyone think on Grayskull?

At the end is the leitmotiv of the series. The Skelletor's obsession to conquer this castle and the power it offers.
Far from seeking parallels between the two issues, the intention here is rather reinterpret in a mix of elements.
So I can't find a better He-man in this case that Mr. Skywalker and his faithful droid as Orco (the strange magic elf) to give consistency to which I have chosen as the main element of the parody.
Yes, the castle.

Improving species.

Some nights ago I read about the nuclear energy and the bases of his discovering.
It's really creepy the effects on all organisms in short and long term and in successive generations.

Well here you have a sarcastic logo about a parody on Marlin from "Finding Nemo".

And this obvius variation.

On stranger rugs.

My last job. A "Rugrated" parody of "Stranger Things" with some of the character from the cartoon adapted to the theme.
Of course Angelica couldn't be other than the Demogorgo.

The Sith.

The Sith.
Return to the task, after some completely hellish months with something that can mark me as a sacrilegious person from now 'till the end of my days.
Lately I was interested by the use of mix media, collage and photo composition to get some crazy ideas.
This one I know is probably the worst of the acts.
SO I must say I'm sorry for the use of the work of one of my favourite artist ever, the master DREW STRUZAN, but I really needed to get this idea out of my head.

Just for fun and start the new drawing season.

The original "The Thing" poster was created by Drew Struzan: goo.gl/JbCUYv
The Darth Vader character is a property of Walt Disney Company.

REAPER. Death walks among us.

Absolutely love the dinamic Blizzard game Overwatch and, in my opinion, this is probably one of the coolest characters from the game.

Reaper, real name Gabriel Reyes, is an American mercenary and terrorist, originally a founding member of Overwatch, now a leading member of Talon.
 He wear a black trenchcoat with a skull mask and wields twin Hellfire Shotguns
His abilities are Shadow Step, a medium-range line of sight teleport, and Wraith Form, a brief period of invincibility and speed increase.

He pretend to be one of the most dangerous terrorist and mercenary.
The better ways to describe his gameplay is "where he appears, death follow"

This design is available as tshirt, wallart and other awesome stuff on Teepublic and LaTostadora.

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Yes, I have some Pokemon Go logos.

I supported the color and lines for this serie of Pokemon Go logos by InkdieKiller.

Available on t-shirts and other awesome stuff on:


Cat-me Hame Haaaaaa!!!!


A quick work for a little dude. Isspired by the new "Rogue One" SW movie.

I know this little guy would be very happy with this pack.

The Quacketeer.

The previous post gave me a silly idea for a parody about this hero.
A mashup with another deranged pilot from the cartoon world: "Launchpad"  McQuack from "Duck Tales"

"A rocket man"

This is my entry for Threadless's Rocketeer challenge.

Jungle's pals.

Triple bonus today!

A little mashup. A Hakuna Matata scene from "The Lion King" this time with the characters of "The Jungle's Books"

Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera walking happy in one of these jungle's perfect nights.
But always under the Shere Khan precense.

When working on popular culture themes, sometimes, some coincidences occurs. As two artists have the same idea about a particular topic.
In this case, me and my friends of Ddjvigo T-shirts have worked on the same line.
Don't be lazy and take a look to these guys on his Facebook page. Awesome designs you can find there.


Bonus entry!!

I'm sure all you know these annoying aliens with big heads, fear of pigeons and a sadistic obsession to exterminate us.
Well, this time they will find their match.

Ha goddam martians! Take a dose of your own medicine!

Mordor bill.

So long since my last post. Was no matter of time but a small drop in mood.
Anyways I'm back to the warfare and now I want to show you another silly idea directly from the darkest corner of the Shadows Lands.
It just an example of a currency bill of the dark lands of Mordor.
Is a nightmare of lines, patterns and headcut effect that helped me to learn some tricks.

Soul men.

This could be my last and definitelly silly idea.
They're soul men!

Grimes Gardening.

And continue with the silly parodies. A advertisement/parody about "The walking dead" and some sort of business for the zombie's crisis time.

Too dumb to warning us.

This is just a silly parody inspired by the poster from the classic scifi movie "The day the earth stood still", the original 1951 version of course, not the Keanu-matrix-ish version.

Dan Mumford badass poster creator.

It was lot of time that I don't show the work of artists like I used to do and I want to resume the task with one of my favorite illustrators in the last year.

This is Dan Mumford, in my opinion, one of the best artists creating atmospheres with few, very few colors.

His works revolve around pop culture, movies, games along with other more personal and even posters for rock bands.

One aspect that I adore in his work is the indiscriminate use of negative space in the shadows and lines, lines everywhere, to fill and solidify the image.

Don't forget to take a look at his website and follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram