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Jungle's pals.

Triple bonus today!

A little mashup. A Hakuna Matata scene from "The Lion King" this time with the characters of "The Jungle's Books"

Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera walking happy in one of these jungle's perfect nights.
But always under the Shere Khan precense.

When working on popular culture themes, sometimes, some coincidences occurs. As two artists have the same idea about a particular topic.
In this case, me and my friends of Ddjvigo T-shirts have worked on the same line.
Don't be lazy and take a look to these guys on his Facebook page. Awesome designs you can find there.


Bonus entry!!

I'm sure all you know these annoying aliens with big heads, fear of pigeons and a sadistic obsession to exterminate us.
Well, this time they will find their match.

Ha goddam martians! Take a dose of your own medicine!

Mordor bill.

So long since my last post. Was no matter of time but a small drop in mood.
Anyways I'm back to the warfare and now I want to show you another silly idea directly from the darkest corner of the Shadows Lands.
It just an example of a currency bill of the dark lands of Mordor.
Is a nightmare of lines, patterns and headcut effect that helped me to learn some tricks.