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Foods for the future.

Weyland-Yutani: Foods for the future.

This is the future of nutrition. The next step will be delicious xenomorphs sushi with deadly acid sauce.

Is funny to work on these bizarre concepts and wonder how ideas that seem so obvious isn't done before.

EDIT 03/april/2014:
In an amazing coincidence, I discovered that this concept was done before.

It's a work by Simon Butler and you can see this and other cool designs in his RB galery. Cool stuff!

Garen's Gym tee design.

I find the lack of humorous tees inspired by LOL disturbing.
So I think in some simply text desgins for tees.
Monochromatic and with some distress just as I really would wear.

I'm searching for ideas for others champions.


Here is another parody of a classic propaganda poster:

That is a sad ending for Rosie the riveter when she found LV-426 in a comercial travel for the corp.

Bad Day.

A little joke that came looking that classic uncle Sam poster.
There really is not much modification. As you can see still having the same alienated expression as the original. :)