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Dean of Demolition.

Surely you know League of Legends, and probably some are diehard players.

I found it not so much ago and when I have some time I like to play a couple of games. Needless to say I'm a extremely bad player, I almost have no fingers for it.
One of my favorite champions, Ziggs, cause is so funny to play with him and his crazy laughter.

My latest design is a tribute to this cute psychopath.

Sentinel's watching.

Here I bring you another mashup with an old propaganda poster.

You're probably aware of the upcoming movie about the X-mens and surely have seen some sneak photo of the look on the sentinels.

Personally I prefer the look they have in the comics and I would have been more in favor of a small update instead the change in the movie.

Anyway, here you have my little interpretation.

Remember: they are watching you.


A little wink to the episode "homer-phobia" on The Simpsons.

The design is available as tee on TeePublic and as awesome posters, prints, pillows, tees and hoodies on Redbubble.


This illustration was made thinking in try with some designs for skate boards and, at the same time, trying some kind of whimsical styles and concepts.

The design is available as tee in: Redbubble or TeePublic.