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Beyond Death on ShirtPunch!!

"Beyond Death" Inspired by a dark obsession with power from my favourite character of the saga.

Live on December 29 on Shirtpunch.

Beyond Death, a design inspired by Vader on Shirtpunch

SOE badge special edition on TEEVILLAIN

I'm happy to announce a special edition of my Sons of Empire Badge in TeeVillain on December 14th.

Don't miss the chance to be part of the baddest motorcycle club on universe!

Air Abides.

The Dude: Air Abides

Now you can boast of having the look of the Big Lebowski without sacrificing comfort with this sport update of his rubber sandals.

The Gunslinger's Creed.

Here you have my last design, inspired by the awesome series of books "The Dark Tower" by Stephen King.

Is a reference to the creed of the gunslingers with Roland Deschain, the main character of the books, as center of the set.

The gunslinger creed.

This creed, for those who haven't read the King's magnus opus (I highly recommend it) and as a spoiler, reads:

I don't aim with my hand; 
He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. 
I aim with my eye. 

I don't shoot with my hand; 
He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. 
I shoot with my mind. 

I don't kill with my gun; 
He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. 
I kill with my heart

The Doctor or How I learned to stop worriying and love the Tardis.

How I learned to stop worriying and love the Tardis.

New item in the realm of mashups.
Everyone's favorite Dr. over a famous sequence from the film "Dr.Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb" (is probably the world's longest title for a movie).

Design for tees on 6 colors or maybe 5 with a lightly color reduction and halftones everywhere.

My designs for sale in Neatorama!!

Now I have a new store in Neatorama.

Don't miss the chance to visit Neatoshop where you have my tee designs printed at high quality.


Beyond death.

I always wanted to make an illustration with the Vader character and his obsession with the power.
Took me around two weeks to finish this one doing something a bit far from my usual style.

I tried to make this with large black spots trying cheat the eye and in some way to use the negative spaces technique (then I thought it would have been easier to make white spots on black background, but it was too late in the drawing :) shit happens!). It was slowly but funny.

A Mucha-style design added to give strength and some texture to refine the look.

And now time to think of a concept for a similar style. :)

Jeff Miracola's Mars attacks oil painting.

Time to share some art!!

This time we can take a look at the artwork of Jeff Miracola, an american freelance artist and illustrator specializes in fantasy themes.

They do it too.

A silly thing I found looking for my old works on the HDD.

They do it too!!


The Bat'leth. The ceremonial weapon of the Klingons and the object that all good nerd/geek/trekkie wants to have hung on the wall.

Now is your chance to get a special offer!!

New tees in BRAINSUCKERS!!

New tees on sale at my shop Brainsuckers.
A lot of customizable designs.

Nuevas camisetas en mi tienda Brainsuckers de La Tostadora.
Un monton de diseños que puedes personalizar a tu gusto.

El Marrow ( tribute to Grim Fandango)

Surely many of you will remember the good times of the graphic adventure game. Times were clearly dominated by two companies: Sierra and Lucasarts.
Lucasarts can be proud of having created some of the most successful titles in the genre of adventure as the genial Loom, the crazy adventures of Sam&Max, the Monkey Island serie and of course, my favourite, Grim Fandango.
Grim Fandango is a brilliant art deco nightmare in the underworld with touches of pure film noir inspired by movies like Casablanca or The Maltese Falcon.
This is my little tribute to this superb game.

Norman's Paranormal pest control.

Here you have the final colored and composed art.

You can buy it on prints, cards, stickers or tshirts on my Redbubble page.

Playing with ParaNorman characters.

Surely you've already seen ParaNorman.
It's a very funny movie made on STOP MOTION technique.

The main character, Norman, has the ability to see the spirits of the dead (yes, as in the 6th sense).

What if Norman uses this ability to start a new kind of business?

It's a trap!!!

A mashup parody of two popular themes on the adventure movies.

Need to explain who they are?

Well, I guess you all know Admiral Ackbar and his obsesion about traps. Here in the famous boulder scene from Raiders of the lost ark.

Angry I Am!!

Here you have my first collab with the awesome team Harantula.

It's a paraody/mashup of master Yoda and a little bit of the bad attitude of Hulk.

This is the great sketch that Hector from Haratula offers.
The nature and intent is clearly defined.

Moves like a jeager.

A joke about the mechas created for the inminent film "Pacific Rim" and certain song (you know wich :) )

"Anytime Anywhere" sale on TeeFury.

A version of my Alien's based crest "Anytime, Anywhere" is available today on TeeFury.

TeeFury sell a limited edition tee every 24 hours and becomes an interesting option for designers who trying to break into the difficult world of tee design. 

And if you want to have what it takes to be a tough space marine don't miss the chance and go to http://www.teefury.com

Patrick Brown: The King of GTA.

Contempla el magnífico estilo de este gran ilustrador australiano a quien probablemente conozcas por sus ilustraciones basadas en Grand Theft Auto.

Behold the great style of this awesome australian illustrator who you probably know by his illustrations based on Rockstar's games: Grand Theft Auto.

Sailor Moon.

In case you didn't know, this is the real Sailor Moon.

This is just a try to make a tee design using a joking pun :)

Nicholas Kay: Warhammer marine speedpainter. An hour of awesomeness!!

Looking for inspiration around the web I found this speedpainting tutorial by Nicholas Kay.


Nicholas Kay is an awesome digital artist that use Photoshop as his main tool.

The Science Machine (fixed)

The last day I was fixing a little ann old design that looked really awful.
A few little touches in the lines, a couple of characters remodeled and a new color, debugging the horrible halftones it had before.

I don't want show the previous version. I'm sure you can found it easily if you want to laugh so hard :)

Croft Survivor.

This is the last design I was working.
It's a little tribute to the awesome reborn of Tomb Raider and the great idea
of the creators introducing a young and inexperiencied Lara Croft who suffer
all kinds of difficulties to survive.

Gimme Wario...

A rough sketch of a silly idea I probably will not finish.

Or maybe...

Shadow of the....Galactus!!

This is something in what I’ve been wasting some time.
Was funny to try some effects and textures in the colouring process.

Aaaaaargh! I have too much to learn!

Click to enlarge.

Sons of the Empire.

They're.... the baddest speeder biker club of the universe.


While there is any idea for a tee design, I decided to make a small poster parody on the first season of Homeland using Mario and Peach.

This is the result:

Continuous snapshots.

Another work for tee design.
Monotone or colors... which one do you prefer?