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Finn's Conflicts time!!

A silly idea in a silly mashup due to the name of the characters. So... I hope you get it. :)

Kylo Ren. Complete the collection!!

Now I'm thinking in make the good guys version to complete the collection.
Good idea?


The new Star Wars episode is coming and I feel that the Captain Phasma could be one of the betters characters. That I hope, the bad guys are always the best.

Fear the blood

Recovered an old sketch to make a design inspired by the next Bloodborne's expansion "The old hunters".

This design is available as tshirt and some other stuff on:

The Prowler.

Like the previous post, trying to do something diferent as my ussual works.
Playing with vectors on Illustrator, software that I have somewhat neglected but it would be interesting to know in depth.

Available on tshirts, posters and some other stuff:


I play with some flat colors to catch the eagle look for a poster.

Now available on Redbubble.

Welcome home.

A new job inspired by the upcoming Fallout game.

Available as tees, posters and some other stuff on:


Masters of the Grimverse.

Inspired by the cartoon show "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" it's a nosense mashup with the world of He-Man and the Masters of bla bla bla... you know.

Doug Time!

A new mashup with a classic cartoon tv show and a modern one.
Two completely different concepts in a silly combination.
That's the soul of a mashup at the end. Don't you think?

Sometimes the force is not enough.

I hope the Star Wars fans can forgive me.

Available tees on TeePublic and some other awsome stuff on Redbubble.

The Huntress.

This is Samus, the toughest bounty huntress of the universe.

My first collab with Inkdiekiller and his crazy way to colouring.

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This design is available as poster, tshirts and other stuff on:

Teenage splatter ninjas squids.

Inspired by the colorful game Splatoon in a mashup with some famous ninjas.

Available as tshirts, posters and other stuff on:

A nightmare is born.

New design inspired by the upcoming Jurassic movie.

Available as tshirts, posters and other stuff on:

Caerbannog's Cave.

Caerbannog's cave. A joke about the bloodiest beast created ever, from the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".

"Because I can" a sinister blade crest.

A new design for tshirt inspired by the character Katarina the sinister blade from Riot's game "League of Legends"

A man without fear...

Lately I was following the Daredevil's show on Netflix.
It is really good and, in my opinion, one of the best adaptations of comics to TV.
Here you have a poster inspired in this great character in a mashup with the famous HOPE poster.
Although I have to say that during the realization, I was thinking more on Miller's Daredevil, specifically Born Again.

Videogames tribute posters.

I have a funny time working to set-up a poster collection dedicated to some of my favourite videogames.

Probably I will complete this collection in the not too distant future.

I want to be Lee (poster parody)

You may remember the poster that the agent Mulder from X-Files had in his office.
The popular poster "I want to believe"?

Here we go with a silly parody that was about to be buried in the depths of a hard drive but it come out of his hole thanks to the funny project of a bunch of crazy buddies.

Donkey Miss Simian.

Inspired by "The Amazing World of Gumball" in a mashup with one of the bigger titles of video games history.

Write a name.

Inspired by an old propaganda poster in a mashup with one Shinigami demon.

You can buy the tee on TeePublic or a poster in Redbubble.

Cursed! Majora's Mask tribute.

A little tribute to Majora's Mask to celebrate the remake for the little 3DS

Buy the tee on Teepublic or Redbubble.

TWO BROTHERS (the movie)

This is just a funny entertaiment inspired in a gag from the episode "Rixty minutes" of Rick & Morty.  
Really funny tv show by the way.
In case you didn't hear about this great cartoon, take a look at the episode in question at adult swin.