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On a dark moon.

Inspired by one of my favourites movies ever.

Alternate version.

A Ride Before Christmas.

Here I go again, this time with a parody inspired by the character of Nightmare Before Christmas in a mashup with the famous demon rider superhero.

Hope you like it!


Warning for all the lazy guys.... The Boss is here!!

My own interpretation of this "Regular Show" character in a design for tees with 6 colors and halftones for color reduction and transparencies.

The Count, Untold.

Parody inspired by the poster from the movie Dracula Untold for custom tees.

5 colors with some halftones on black tee.

Bad Guys Totem.

One element of past illustration gave me the idea for a new silly thing. This is a tiki totem With Some of the bad bad guys from Marvel comics. Just 6 colors and a lot of halftones to reduce colors.

Mad Mario.

What if we put Mario in the shoes of Max?

Here you have that mash-up with the characters of the Mad Max sequel "The Road Warrior" and, of course, the awesome Interceptor V8.

Have you seen my bear?

This works is inspired by one of the characters of League of Legends.
Annie the Darkchild.
She showed great magic skills since an early age. One day, when she was two, Annie ensorcelled a shadow demonic bear and he become her pet.
Annie keeps her bear Tibbers by her side spellbound as a stuffed bear doll.

Gotta eat'em all! (UPDATED)

Update: It seems that people prefers a version closer to the original Disney's concept so I made some changes on the face.

Norrin Radd Surf Camp.

It's been a while since my last entry.
Lately I'm not being as productive as I would like but here you have my last job.
Based on the most famous surfer in the imagined universe and specially for fans of the herald of Galactus, that well deserves its own movie (ignoring his sad appearance in the last Fantastic Four aberration for the screens).

Norrin Radd, a young astronomer who became the herald of Galactus for the promise that the Devourer of Worlds will not consume his planet.

A little logo parody to promote his services as a surf teacher.

Dean of Demolition.

Surely you know League of Legends, and probably some are diehard players.

I found it not so much ago and when I have some time I like to play a couple of games. Needless to say I'm a extremely bad player, I almost have no fingers for it.
One of my favorite champions, Ziggs, cause is so funny to play with him and his crazy laughter.

My latest design is a tribute to this cute psychopath.

Sentinel's watching.

Here I bring you another mashup with an old propaganda poster.

You're probably aware of the upcoming movie about the X-mens and surely have seen some sneak photo of the look on the sentinels.

Personally I prefer the look they have in the comics and I would have been more in favor of a small update instead the change in the movie.

Anyway, here you have my little interpretation.

Remember: they are watching you.


A little wink to the episode "homer-phobia" on The Simpsons.

The design is available as tee on TeePublic and as awesome posters, prints, pillows, tees and hoodies on Redbubble.


This illustration was made thinking in try with some designs for skate boards and, at the same time, trying some kind of whimsical styles and concepts.

The design is available as tee in: Redbubble or TeePublic.

Warning LV-426

Yes! Here you have another vintage propaganda poster parody.
Maybe a little darker or explicit for some or a pussy kid's game for some others.

Anyway, this time I take an pop-culture approaching to a great soviet propaganda poster for the space race.


As usual I tried to do it in 5 colors or less (4 in this case looking for a possible tee print) and ignoring some artistic touches in the background.

Foods for the future.

Weyland-Yutani: Foods for the future.

This is the future of nutrition. The next step will be delicious xenomorphs sushi with deadly acid sauce.

Is funny to work on these bizarre concepts and wonder how ideas that seem so obvious isn't done before.

EDIT 03/april/2014:
In an amazing coincidence, I discovered that this concept was done before.

It's a work by Simon Butler and you can see this and other cool designs in his RB galery. Cool stuff!

Garen's Gym tee design.

I find the lack of humorous tees inspired by LOL disturbing.
So I think in some simply text desgins for tees.
Monochromatic and with some distress just as I really would wear.

I'm searching for ideas for others champions.


Here is another parody of a classic propaganda poster:

That is a sad ending for Rosie the riveter when she found LV-426 in a comercial travel for the corp.

Bad Day.

A little joke that came looking that classic uncle Sam poster.
There really is not much modification. As you can see still having the same alienated expression as the original. :)

G-Root Fertilizers

A logo parody inspired by GROOT, one of the characters of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Arthur the bunny slayer.

The killer rabbit of Caerbannog is defeated.

A little parody inspired in that crazy movie from Monty Pythons.
The killer rabbit of Caerbannog is defeated.
The most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on died by the Arthur's sword. But now he have the real test.
Enter the cave and confront the black beast of Aaarrrrggh.

You are better than a wrecking ball!

Just for fun!! Really better than a wrecking ball!

I hope the fans of Thor and Marvel in general are able to forgive me. : D

I spent a fun time with this joke I know this can generate me some enemies and ruin my career before it starts. XD
But I think this had to be done.

Tee version

FULL METAL ASS for Movie Poster Parody

Another entry for RIPT's Movie Poster Parody.

Here you can take a look of a shinny metal ass

New store in Design by Hümans DBH Collective.

Now I have a DBH Collective store in Design by Hümans.

Awesome big size prints on tees and more products as phone cases and prints.


An old work I made with the invaluable advices of my friend Naolito, now cleaned and modified for the next RIPT movie poster parody.