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Proud to be bald.

My entry for Shirt Woot's derby #283: Slogans for Animal, is a recycled, both in idea and developing, of one of the discarded work I have on my hard drive.

The intention is to create a logo with the idea using mixing expressions of both characters and making it look vector.

The monster under my bed

It's a primal fear when you're child: the monster lurking under your bed.


My entry for Shirt Woot's derby #281: Things That Start With the Letter N.

A mashup with natural steampunk nautilus and the ship imagined by Verne.

The Treasure.

This is something I've been working on in the little spare time that my painful new job leaves me.

Even that first I decided to do it the traditional way, a little problem with my drawing material made ​​me reconsider the idea.

Nuevo sitio... mismo blog?

Me encuentro en plena construcción y testeo de lo que debería ser mi nueva web.
A partir de ahora también puedes encontrar estas entradas en jcmaziu.com.

Según avance la terminación del sitio y observe su funcionamiento ire dejando este blog.

Si aun queda algún ferviente seguidor visitando este gap, le emplazo a la nueva dirección.

I'm constructing and testing of (what should be) my new website.

From now you can also find these entries jcmaziu.com.

According to advance the completion of the site and observe its operation ire leaving this blog.

If there is still some ardent follower visiting this gap, giving them notice to the new address.

Need my morning coffee.

This is how I feel before my morning coffee:


Think about the musical notes as ninjas assaulting the partiture.

This is my entry for Threadless + GAP worn-in challenge.

Give your support if you like it: http://beta.threadless.com/wornin/ninjaaaaaa/

Post apocalyptic illustration by Deisign (Time lapse)

Looking through the net I found this awesome time lapse of making an impressive illustrations by Dei G. (a.k.a. Deisign), an character and creature designer in this work for Xabirobi Comic Magazine.

The awesome creatures of Brynn Metheney

Within the amazing world of concept art, today I want to show the work of Brynn Metheney a California girl who has specialized in creating awesome creatures and animals.

Genetic engineering.

That was my entry for Shirt Woot derby: Propaganda... for science.

Ridiculous stories.

I know it might just be a possibility in a parallel world but ...
What if I were a comic artist?

Cannon fodder.

The big guys survive and ordinary people pay the consequences of their "big" plans.

We are all cannon fodder.

David Comito, otherworldly illustrations.

Hoy quiero mostraros el trabajo de un ilustrador que sigo atentamente desde hace algun tiempo y del que me encanta su estilo y la manera de componer la imagen.

Fresh Cthulhu.

The Miskatonic Food Co. is a small family bussines dedicated to packaging and preserving fresh products from deep ocean and inter-dimensional cracks.
One of its most popular products is fresh Cthulu,  made with authentic Cthulhu beard. The company ensures that no starseed is used in the manufacture.

Empire scores a strike!!!

The empire scores a strike... back...eeerr... again... huuumpf.

I think.... i'm back!!

Well, I think that, after so long without getting into the scene of the drawing, I will try a few works and see if I've improved something or I still go down as an illustrator.

Here you have some silly things I'm working on:

My new hairstyle. - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


Marta Nael es una jovencisima ilustradora con base en Barcelona recientemente premiada como Mejor Ilustrador Español en el Expomanga 2012.

Kanesu doll.

Un trabajo rápido. Una idea para "mascota" para la imagen de un pequeño negocio de ropa íntima.
Resultó ser mas "juvenil" de lo que esperaba el cliente.
Que opinais?

A quick work. An idea of "mascot" for the image of a small lingerie business.
It proved to be more youthful than the client expected.
What do you think?

It´s been a long time...

After a long long idle time, I decide to redo one of my earlier drawings, but giving it another look.

Here is the results: