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The Wandering Dutchman (Updated)

The Wandering Dutchman (or The Flying Dutchman) tells the legend of a ghost ship captain, on one occasion, around the Cape of Good Hope during a terrible storm, he invoked the help of the devil to get out, and consequently, his destiny is to sail continuously until the Day of Reckoning, unless they find a woman "faithful unto death", which is why every seven years can return to earth in search of the woman who redeems him. (Wikipedia)

I took some "licenses" when representing the boat ... is just a joke.
This is the Wandering Dutchman, sailing ponds around the world.

Esta es la versión enviada a concurso.
 Two placement:

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  1. Menudo salto de nivel has dado en esta ultima versión. El añadido de la flor le ha dado un facilidad de comprension a la escena perfecto, enhorabuena porque esta genial también tecnicamente

    suerte! (soy naolito)